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Software Security Testing - Applying Awarded Technology to achieve
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Smooth DevOps: Starts in the CI, Convinces in the IDE

Fix critical security vulnerabilities on the spot. Next level static security analysis with user-friendly IDE integrations in IntelliJ, Eclipse, Visual Studio and vim. CodeShield seamleassly integrates into GitLab or GitHub, and offers a security dashboard.

Security along the Software Supply-Chain

More than 90% of a typical codebase comprise of third-party libraries. CodeShield detects known as well as unknown vulnerabilities reaching as far as any third-party library code.

Scalable and Precise Security Analysis

Based on newest scientific break-throughs that allow instantanious results without disruptive false warnings. CodeShield presents vulnerabilities in third-party code only when the vulnerable code may be executed.



Andreas Dann

CFO, Project Manager

Software Component Analysis Expert


Manuel Benz

CTO, Project Manager

Dynamic Program Analysis Expert


Dr. Johannes Späth

CEO, Project Manager

Static Program Analysis Expert

Research Project: CodeShield

CodeShield combines static application security testing and software component analysis to secure the whole software supply-chain of your software.
It uses award-winning, scientifically proven analysis technology to precisely uncover previously unknown vulnerabilities in both in-house developed application code and in included third-party or open-source dependencies.
For the first time, CodeShield's cutting-edge analysis technology allows you to run static security analysis directly within your IDE with low false warnings. Combined with innovations in the area of software component analysis, CodeShield is able to discover complex vulnerabilities that others miss.


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